Kitchen Design Trends To Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

If the time has finally come to redesign your kitchen, there are almost countless ways to go, from classic to contemporary styling and a million different storage and appliance options. Before you start your kitchen remodel, consider some of the current trends.

Combine Styles

One of the trends in kitchen design is the use of various styles together. For instance, try mixing traditional wood with glass, silver alloy with subtle granite or old-style cabinetry with cutting-edge appliance technology.

Don’t be afraid to mix different materials, eras or designs and get creative to find a personalized kitchen redesign for your needs and wants.

Creative Storage

There is no such thing as too much storage in a kitchen, so get creative when it comes to designing storage areas in your new kitchen.

Consider adding shelves and drawers underneath a kitchen island, creating freestanding storage furniture that doubles as a butcher’s block, and hide storage in a pantry closet or shelves in unexpected places.

Create Clean Lines

When you are redesigning your kitchen, consider adding the illusion of light and space with glass cabinet doors and or a glass kitchen table, stainless steel appliances, transparent materials for the countertop or shelving, or open cabinets.

Seek round or geometric shapes and use varying shades of white and gray to open a small space and make it look larger and sleeker.

Get Eco-Friendly

One of the biggest trends in kitchen redesign is an environmentally friendly kitchen that is practical and family-friendly as well.

Choose high efficiency appliances with the Energy Star label, look for bamboo or cork flooring or other sustainable harvests, select recycled granite or stone countertops, and consider cupboards and shelves made from recycled materials.

The Restaurant Experience at Home

One other trend in kitchen redesign is incorporating ideas from your favorite restaurants into your new kitchen.

If you are a big coffee drinker, think about making a coffee bar in your own home, complete with a cappuccino maker and built-in storage for fresh coffee beans and other toppings.
If you are a fan of wine, incorporate a wine refrigerator into your kitchen with a digital cooling system for precise storage temperatures and humidity.
When cooking is your thing, consider a dual-fuel range with a built-in griddle and a sleek, stylish stove hood.

No matter your tastes or preferences, there are plenty of new kitchen trends to help you build your dream kitchen.

What trends in kitchen design are your favorite?