How to Care For Your Granite Countertops

Many times, once a beautiful new granite countertop is installed in a kitchen or bathroom, the homeowners start to worry about how to best protect and care for their newest investment. After all, new granite has a beautiful shine and comes in many lovely colors and owners want to keep it that way.

The good news is that caring for granite countertops is straightforward and easy.

Seal the Situation

The first thing to do when you have a granite countertop is to have the granite sealed. Many people think that since granite is naturally durable, additional sealant is not necessary but this is largely not true.

Ask your granite manufacturer or contractor for information and prices to have the granite sealed. You can also go to the local hardware store and find granite sealer to apply on your own. Follow the directions on the product carefully.

Clean It Up

Like the issue of sealing, some people think caring for granite countertops does not require prompt attention if something spills. Again, while granite is in fact very durable, you will prolong the life and appearance of the granite by paying attention and cleaning up spills immediately. This is especially true if the spill is acidic, oily or could stain, such as wine, coffee, juice or cleaner.

Keep It Simple

Hot water and a clean cloth are all that you need when caring for granite countertops. Just wipe the granite with the hot, damp cloth and then dry with a towel.

If there is a sticky situation afoot, you can use a little soapy water and then rinse well, but remember that repeated use of dish soap will result in a soapy build-up residue on the granite.

Avoid any bleach-based cleaners on granite, since this can discolor the granite surface. If you want to use a cleaning product, choose granite cleaner or a non-abrasive household cleaner.

Hot Stuff

While granite is naturally heat-resistant, this does not mean that granite is inherently heatproof. Always use hot pads and trivets when setting hot pans down on granite to protect the granite surface. This will help avoid marks, etches or other possible side effects from setting a hot pan directly on the granite.

Above all, use common sense when you are taking care of your granite countertops.

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