Add Life and Value to Your House by Kitchen Remodeling

While many homeowners wait to consider kitchen remodeling until they are ready to sell and want to increase the value of their home, the truth is that remodeling your kitchen can add value to your life and your home even without selling. There are many ways to consider the value of kitchen remodeling.

To begin, there is inherent value in kitchen remodeling, whether your intention is to improve the kitchen before you place the house on the market or are simply ready for a more modern, efficient kitchen for you and your family. According to the National Association of Realtors, a major kitchen remodel in 2010 had a nearly 70 percent return on investment. Other estimates place the return on investment at nearly 100 percent. This means that you may easily get back the cost of remodeling when you sell your house due to increased home value.

Remodeling your kitchen also allows you to design the kitchen to look and work the way that you want, which is something that few kitchens provide when the home is already built. In addition, since there is no guarantee that you will get your money back, especially in today’s ever-changing real estate market, remodeling your kitchen when you plan to stay in the home for several years is a smart move. There is a huge lifestyle value of kitchen remodeling. Design your kitchen to match your specific taste and needs and you may never want to move again.

When you are ready to remodel your kitchen, the sheer scope of available options in design, appliances and cabinets can be dizzying. Contact a team of professionals with experience transforming ideas into beautiful, functional kitchens. A design center such as Dartmouth Building Supply in North Dartmouth, MA, has showroom displays, product samples, resource libraries and can even help you create and view your remodeled kitchen on the computer so that you can envision what you need and how the finished product will appear.

Dartmouth Building Supply can help you understand the value of kitchen remodeling, offer you a free kitchen design consultation, budget estimate, and a planning guide that will help get you started on the path toward the kitchen of your dreams.